In Partnership with Breede River Hospice

Breede River Hospice is committed to many partnership projects and works closely with many national and international donor organisations in our efforts to care for and empower our local communities.

We uphold several Memorandi of Understanding (MOUs) with many such organisations - each one focussing on a particular area of need.

[A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement between individual parties that share a common goal.  The purpose of this agreement is to provide the terms upon which both parties support each other in achieving shared goal/s. All parties to the MOU sign the document as their commitment to work together towards the shared goal/s.  MOU’s are not legally binding but represent an honest intention to work together.]


Key National Partnerships


Key national partnerships revolve around influencing Government particularly the Departments of Health and Social Development as well as the South African public to support and utilise the palliative care services offered by HPCA member organisations. Because of its commitment to quality HPCA is officially partnered with Council for Health Services Accreditation of Southern Africa (Cohsasa).

Partnerships with various tertiary educational organisations facilitate the inclusion of palliative care into under and postgraduate courses for healthcare professionals.


Linking member hospices to donor organisations and acting as a conduit for funding forms an important part of the work done by the HPCA management committee.

HPCA has signed MOU’s with Bigshoes, CANSA,NACOSA and Department of defence.


BRH + The Department of Health Western Cape (DoH)


In partnership with the DoH, we provide the 'continuum of care' between local healthcare clinics and patients suffering at home.  In specific, this partnership addresses the growing need for HIV/AIDS and TB awareness, patient identification, treatment adherence and support.

In this common goal, the DoH is largely funded by the American President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the USAID - both working together with the DoH to address these growing national healthcare concerns.

We provide the grass roots level of services - carrying out the REAL work - direct to patients in their own homes.

These include the following ongoing basic healthcare services and awareness-building campaigns:

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion:

-  Door-to-Door Campaigns   (Basic Health & Hygiene)

-  Awareness Campaigns   (for Child Malnutrition, Cancer Screening, Pregnancy and TB Transmission)

-  Detection of TB Cases

-  HIV/AIDS Case Detection

Compliance and Treatment Support  (for chronic diseases, TB, HIV, psychiatric conditions and vulnerable children).

Home Care

These above aspects are referred to as Community-Based Services (CBS) and are rendered in the living, learning, working, and social and/or play spaces of the people we serve.  They are geared towards prevention and health promotion with a complementary capacity for curative, rehabilitative and palliative care. CBS is designed to foster stable, long-term personal relationships with households that build understanding, empathy and trust. This is pivotal to continuity and person-centred care.




BRH + USAID Tuberculosis Programme (South Africa)




International Partnerships

The FHSSA Partnership Initiative matches African healthcare programs that care for persons with HIV/AID’S throughout the continuum of illness with U.S. hospices and palliative care providers. The goal of each partnership is to form mutually beneficial relationships leading to the exchange of insight, expertise and resources.

In this light, BRH has formed a special partnership with The Hospice Organization and Palliative Experts (HOPE) of Wisconsin. Although we are continents apart, “We believe that hospice care provides quality end-of-life services to the terminally ill and that everyone in need of palliative care services should have access to them”.


 Local Partnerships

The Breede River Hospice forms part of the Palliative Care sub-committee of the local Health and Welfare Forum and has MOUs with the following partners:

Braam Care Centre (Ashton)

Braam Care Home Based Care (Montagu)

Department of Health Western Cape

Happy Valley Clinic (Bonnievale)

Happy Valley Service Centre (Bonnievale)

Huis Herfsvreugde (Bonnievale)

Huis Le Roux (Robertson)

Huis Uitvlucht (Montagu)

IQRAA Trust South Africa

Langeberg Clinic (Robertson)

Lingehilhe Old Age Home (Ashton)

Nkqubela Clinic (Robertson)

Silver Threads (Ashton)

Spring Roses Service Centre (Montagu)


We also form part of the Multi Sectoral Action Team (MSAT) representing home-based Palliative- and Chronic Care. The MSAT was established at request from the Department of Health (DOH) to represent the Health and Welfare forum. Their purpose is to assist the DOH in identifying and assisting organisations that would benefit from their funding.


Training Partnerships

BRH currently has 2 3-Year partnerships with First National Bank (FNB) and the Graham and Rhona Beck Development Trust, respectively.

Both partnerships focus on training new community careworkers in Home-Based Care - as there is severe skills shortage of community home-based careworkers not only in our local region, but throughout S.A.






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