HaveAHeart-LogoHave a Heart for Hospice!  - And Help Us Help Others!

There are so many ways you can help us make a meaningful difference in other people's lives and we are forever seeking assistance and sponsorship in our many projects aimed at caring for and empowering the many people and communities that we serve - as well as sustaining our own organisation's future development and growth.

To meet these needs, we have created a list of 'Have-a-Heart' projects providing various ways that you can help and support us to do the great work we do.

Should any one of the following projects appeal to you, simply click the links / buttons provided or please contact us and we will happily set up an appointment to discuss anything in more detail with you. 


Make a Monthly Pledge!

Ongoing monthly payments - good old Debit Orders - mean the world to us!

By committing to making a regular monthly contribution, we can bank on our future.  Our long-term financial planning depends entirely upon money we can count on and your monthly pledge will give us the security of knowing what to expect.

With PayFast’s online payment system, it’s so easy... - You can do it here, right now.


(If you're unfamiliar with online payment transactions and would rather fill in our Debit Order Form, please call us on Tel: 023 626 5710 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will arrange to get one to you.)



Less fortunate circumstances should never mean less care or support.

Every living soul deserves fair treatment, respect and upliftment - especially when they’re seriously ill or near life’s end.

Providing our Holistic Home-based Palliative Care services costs us, on average, R 1000.00 per patient per month - doctor, nursing care, transport and medicines included.

+/- 450 patients x R 1000.00 per month amounts to a total of  R 450 000.00 per month!

Even a small monthly contribution will go a long way.  If you would like to 'Adopt-A-Patient', you can contact us here - Or, you can donate online here.  (Kindly specify 'AAP+YourName' in your payment reference so we allocate the funds accordingly)



To deliver our home-based care services to everyone throughout our region, we need wheels.

On average, our dedicated staff and carers travel over  11000kms each month!  Several of our existing vehicles are over 8 years old - having covered way more than their last mile - and are no longer safe or reliable to use.

To service our current demands, we need 1 replacement vehicle each year.

Any car - second hand or new - will do!  Whether part financed or sponsored in full, we will gladly brand it with your name or corporate logo.



We need fuel to get us where we need to be... and our vehicles have to be serviced regularly.

Fuel and vehicle maintenance are one of our biggest expenses and concerns.  All our transport expenses are covered entirely at our own cost.

If one person or company could sponsor just one tank of fuel (per month), how amazing would that be?

(A special call out to all fleet owners... - Could you put one of our vehicles on your ‘Fleet Sheet’ maybe?)


Support Our Hospice Shops

Located in central Robertson and Montagu, our hospice shops contribute 20% of our total income.  Without them, we would not survive.

We welcome ALL donations of ANY kind and will gladly come and collect and help clear out cluttered spaces if need be.

From kitchenware to clothing, electrical goods to interior decor items, there’s always a prize purchase to be made... - Not forgetting those special collectable items that appear from time to time.

Find out more about our Hospice Shops... Here!


Buy Hospice Products!

A few of our local suppliers bless us with discounted prices on some really super products:  Honey, Olive Oil and Olives are just a few.

We often get farm-fresh and home-grown products - ‘Seconds’ or over-supply - which we sell off at really cheap prices (via our hospice shops).

Our hospice products are often displayed for sale at festivals and events so do keep an eye out for them.  (But you can always get them at our Hospice Shops anyway.)  ;-)


MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet!

MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanetCardNominate us as your beneficiary - Every swipe counts!

Breede River Hospice is listed as a MySchool MyVillage beneficiary... - and you can nominate us as your primary cause.  It costs nothing and every time you swipe your card at any of 12 national chain stores, we’ll get the benefits.

If you have a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, you can nominate us as your chosen charity, here  -  Or, to apply for a free card, click here!



Help Fill Our Collection Tins!

Our ‘Have a Heart for Hospice’ Collection Tins are broadly distributed in shops and on counters almost everywhere throughout the region.

All small change (and the odd cash note) all adds up handsomely and, to us, every cent counts.

Should you be a willing shop owner or know of any places our tins should be, please get in touch with us.

We’re also looking for volunteer ‘agents’ to keep tabs on our cans, count and bank the proceeds and replace them as necessary.


Handy Hearts @ Home!

We love anything home-made, home-sewn, home-baked or home-grown!

Are you arty? Good with your hands?  Do you make the best home-baked cakes?  We wholly support home industries and are always on the look-out for anything made by any handy hearts at home.  We’ll even consider supplying ingredients or necessary materials - if you do all the handy-work.

Fair profit share is part of the deal... - Come tell us what you do!


Leave us a Bequest.

Breede River Hospice delivers the utmost care and compassion to absolutely anyone facing their life’s end.

We fully respect and support our patient’s dying wishes and do our best to ensure their every last request is taken care of so that they may pass in peace knowing all is well with their families and loved ones.

Acknowledging our commitment and service to humanity by remembering us in your will is a blessing we’ll never forget.

For this purpose, we have a Codicil prepared - available on request.









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