Care-Giver Respite and Daycare


Looking after a seriously ill family member places a tremendous amount of stress and emotional strain on the family themselves. Similarly, home-bound patients often suffer frustration and ‘cabin fever’ being ‘stuck’ at home.

For this reason, Breede River Hospice hosts weekly Day Care sessions at their premises (on Thursdays) giving patients an opportunity to interact and socialise with other patients whilst at the same time, allowing the Hospice team the opportunity for evaluation, clinical monitoring and counselling - as may be required.

Day Care also affords family members and care-givers a few hours of respite from their caring responsibilities whilst the patient takes part in therapeutic and enjoyable activities in the care of trained volunteers. Where necessary, volunteers also help transport patients to and from Day Care.

During Day Care, one of our social workers is also available to assist patients with pensions and any other practical problems patients or their families may need help with.




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