Holistic Home-Based Palliative Care


Breede River Hospice offers free home-based palliative care to anyone living within the Langeberg Sub-district suffering with a life-threatening or terminal illness. We believe every person dealing with such an illness deserves compassion and that quality of life and a dignified death is the right of every human being.

Our custom-made holistic care ‘package’ is provided within our patient’s own home - with our patient being the leader of our care team.  Our community care workers, nurses, social workers, a doctor and spiritual counsellor work as a team to provide a highly specialised, complete care solution which addresses not only the patient’s physical symptoms but also ensures our patient and their family is cared for as a whole - including their spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.

The following frequently asked questions will provide you with more detailed information:


What is Hospice?

Hospice is not a place. It is a care service based on the concept of caring for patients with a life-threatening illness in a complete, holistic way.  Hospice’s professional inter-disciplinary team renders not only physical care (pain and symptom relief), but also social, emotional, spiritual and cultural support to the patient and their family. This support is extended into the bereavement period.


Who is the professional inter-disciplinary team?


Our professional inter-disciplinary teams include community care-workers, professional nurses, a doctor and psycho-social workers.





Who could be referred to hospice?

Please read our ‘Admission Criteria’ below.


When should a patient be referred to Breede River Hospice?

Patients are ideally referred to us at the time of diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.


Who should refer the patient?

The clinic, the hospital, private doctors or professional nurse in charge of the patient’s care.


What is the procedure for referral to our hospice?

1. Complete our hospice Patient Referral Form.

2. The patient gives and signs consent for  being referred on the space provided on the form..

3. Deliver / fax or email the form to our hospice office.

4. One of the inter-disciplinary team members will contact the patient / family within 24 hours of receipt of the referral.


What does the patient sign consent for?

1. That they understand the  reason for the referral.

2. That they give permission for the hospice team to visit them in their own home.

3. That they give permission for their medication to be administered by the hospice team.



Home-Based Chronic Care

In partnership with the Department of Health, we provide Home-Based Chronic Care to house-bound patients living in the Robertson, McGregor, Nkqubela and Bonnievale (and surrounding areas) suffering from a chronic illnesses. This care service forms a link between the formal Government health system and the patient.

Whilst this service is not as comprehensive as our Palliative Care service (for patients suffering from a terminal diagnosis), it does allow patients to be discharged from hospital and to receive the appropriate care at home.

Such care is provided by a trained hospice Community Care-Giver under the supervision of an Enrolled Nurse and/or Professional Nurse.  Visits take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - as required.

Examples of diagnoses that qualify for chronic care are:

· Post operative conditions     


· Diabetes

· Wounds

· Colostomy

· Hypertension

· Any other serious condition that would require a regular visit at home.


What is the procedure for referral for CHRONIC care?

1.  Chronic Care patients are usually referred to us by the local Dept of Health Community Based Services Co-ordinator via the local Primary Health Clinics.  A hospice Patient Referral Form is filled in and submitted to us after which, we will contact or visit the patient directly.

Our local Dept of Health Community Based Services Co-ordinator is Sr. Magda Marero - contactable on Cell:  074 547 4968


2.  Contact us directly to obtain a copy of our Patient Referral Form should you or an immediate family member require Chronic Care.



Admission Criteria

Patients will be admitted according to the following criteria:


1.  A Patient with a Life Threatening Illness.

Patients with diseases requiring holistic palliative care:  physical (active symptom and pain management), social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Examples:  Cancer, End-stage Cardiac and Renal Failure, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neuron Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Alzeimer’s Disease

Patients who have symptoms of AIDS and are in need of active symptom management.


2.  Patients needing adherence and/or support

· Chronic care patients who need management of medication

· HIV and TB patients who need adherence and/or support.


3.  Chronic Care Patients

· Chronic illness patients who spend more than 50% of the day time in bed.

Examples:  Diabetes, Hypertension, CVA, care for the older people, patients requiring    wound care at home, patients who need post-operative wound care.

Our Chronic Care is funded by the Dept of Health and is only available to patients residing in the Robertson, McGregor, Nkqubela or Bonnievale areas.


4. Paediatric Palliative Care

· Conditions for which active treatment is appropriate but may fail

· Advanced or progressive cancer or cancer with a poor prognosis

· Conditions requiring intensive long-term treatment aimed at maintaining Quality of Life

· Human Immune Deficiency Virus including children receiving ARV’s

· Children requiring support in dealing with loss, grief and bereavement


According to our referral procedure, all referrals are evaluated by our Patient Care Manager.  In the case of uncertainty or dispute, the referral will be accepted or denied by majority vote between the Medical Officer, Patient Care Manager and Area Supervising Community Professional Nurse. 





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