Family Support and Bereavement Counselling

If anyone understands grief and loss, it’s us!  We know what it means to lose a loved one... and we know what it takes to heal the emotional suffering and pain.

Our family support begins at the same time we are referred a terminally ill patient.  In making contact with the patient or their family, our counsellors will make an appointment to discuss any family and patient concerns and needs. 

For the duration of the illness - leading up to the passing event - we remain in close contact with the family and patient - providing whatever support and advice may be needed at that time.  After the passing of a loved one, we remain committed to helping the family deal with their loss... for as long as it is needed.

Our psycho-social support services are provided by a team of professional social workers working together with a team of volunteers trained in all aspects of grief.  Together, they’ll remain in frequent contact with the bereaved family for as long as they need our help.

As part of our holistic Palliative Care service, Breede River Hospice provides bereavement support entirely free of charge.




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