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Intermediate Care Facility - Bram Care Centre, Ashton

On the 30 June 2016, the Bram Care Centre in Ashton and Breede River Hospice (BRH) reached an agreement, supported by the Department of Health of the Western Cape, whereby the assets and liabilities, including Bram’s managerial and nursing staff were transferred to BRH. 

Bram’s history dates back to the turn of the Century, when a retired Dutch immigrant Kayce Muelenbroek, working as an Aids counsellor in the Langeberg area, became aware of the overwhelming challenges, including the lack of any form of care or comfort, many of the less privileged members of society suffering from chronic diseases and terminal illnesses, have to face in the final stages of life.
Intent on doing something about this, Kayce opened a small frail care facility in a disused clinic in Zolani in 1999. Over the next five years, with determination and the support of his family in Holland and other sponsors, Kayce secured the funding required to build, equip and run a 20 bed frail care facility in Ashton. Sadly, a few months after the opening, Kayce passed away with cancer. 

Since 2004, more a thousand patients from all walks of life have been admitted to Bram for professional nursing and care. Admitted on the basis of referrals from the hospitals, clinics, private doctors and carers in the Langeberg area, some have been nursed back to good health, while others have passed way in relative comfort and as free of pain and suffering as possible.

The Department of Health has provided funding on a “per patient” basis as well as medical supplies and professional assistance from their registered doctors and therapists.
Bridging the gap between funding from the Department and Bram’s annual operating expenditure has, however, in the face of inflation and sponsor withdrawals, become an increasingly formidable challenge in recent years. 

This challenge and the compelling need to ensure Bram’s long term sustainability, served as the trigger for the merger. With the support from the Department of Health and their continued commitment to “patient funding”, the agreement to merge Bram with BRH was concluded by the organisations’ respective Boards of Directors in June 2016. The governance, organisational and operational changes were seamlessly completed during July, and the property transfer was registered on 1 September 2016.

In the short term there are maintenance, security, operational and patient comfort issues requiring attention.  
As the incumbent governing body, the BRH Board has developed a strategic plan to address the current financial challenge and is intent on ensuring that over time Bram will expand, become self-sufficient, and continue to provide an important Intermediate Health Care Facility in the Langeberg.

Any financial, and tax deductible contribution you may be able to make to assist BRH to achieve this goal will be gratefully received. 
For more information about Bram and Hospice, or how you may be able to assist:
Call:  023 626 5710 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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