BRAM Care Centre

The facility situated in Ashton boasts 16 beds of which 14 are currently (2018/2019) funded (80%) by the Western Cape Government Department of Health and provides intermediate care support for patients residing within the Langeberg sub-district.

Admission to the centre is via bookings based on referrals completed by a doctor or clinic with the consent of the patient or their next of kin. 

Patients in need of more intensive care are cared for by nursing carers, supervised by a professional nurse with a doctor who comes in once a week to ensure patients’ condition is stable or improved. Physio-, occupational and speech therapists also provide care services for those in need as well as a dietician to see to the nutritional needs of our patients.

There are 2 main admission types of which respite is one and this covers a patient for up to 21 days whose family may need help with their loved ones care. Download our information brochure here (pdf  brochure link) or contact (Link) us for more details to see if your family member qualifies for this unique service.

Since 2004, more than thousand patients from all walks of life have been admitted to the BRAM Care Centre for professional nursing and care.

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